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Automobile enterprises produce masks one after another! How is emergency cross-border achieved

according to the data of China Automobile Industry Association, up to now, the resumption rate of the automobile industry has exceeded 75%. While returning to work in an orderly manner, many car companies also ensure the supply of medical materials by changing production and other means

in recent days, GAC, BYD, Chang'an and other car companies announced the production of masks. On the afternoon of the 19th, four new equipment entered GAC group for commissioning, and mass production of masks began on the 20th. It is expected that by the end of February, the number of masks produced per day will reach 1million

Li Jin, head of the parts business department of GAC group: we expect that this kind of compact plate spring shaft is very suitable for the body/chassis of electric vehicles this month. At the end of the concept, GAC will complete the qualification of 30 equipment, and GAC will produce masks in strict accordance with the corresponding technical standards

Shi Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the China Association of automobile manufacturers: the automobile industry is an industry with a high degree of industrialization, with a considerable foundation. At the same time, the automation level and manufacturing capacity are relatively high. In the case of a particularly urgent need of the country, it is an act of undertaking the society to establish a mask production line as soon as possible in response to the needs of the country and society

not only cross-border production of masks, many car companies seize the time to produce negative pressure ambulances. The original 30 day production cycle is now shortened to 10 days, and the orders of some enterprises have soared to more than 3000 units

Shi Jianhua said that the components of health and safety must be kept in normal use throughout the life cycle of electrical appliances. A full car should be an important factor for the automotive industry to consider when designing and producing cars in the future

not only the vehicle enterprises, but also the center of China Automotive Technology Research and new chemical materials, which is one of the three major focuses, recently released the classification and Certification Rules for automotive air conditioning filters, dividing the certified products into five grades. The highest level requires more than 95% filtration of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is more than a quarter higher than the force value of the original industry tensile testing machine

Dr. Tian Cheng of China Automotive Technology Research Center: the certification rules introduced this time are characterized by focusing on the filtration efficiency that people are most concerned about. It can be said that the requirements on the filtration grade of air conditioning filters in the industry are the strictest

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