This is a letter from a new brand with infinite fu

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Minggu Zhengjiang this is a talent seeking order from a promising new brand

Minggu Zhengjiang this is a talent seeking order from a promising new brand

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flowers and plants spit fragrance in spring and April. On the occasion of warm spring and blooming flowers, Donglian OTL lubricant, a new and enterprising international well-known brand, officially sounded the drum and began a new round of investment promotion process. Taking advantage of the strong flow advantage of China Lubricant information and "lubricant market" magazine as the first portal platform of lubricant, Donglian group is looking for regional sales managers of OTL lubricant, and hopes to work with talents at home and abroad to jointly develop a promising market future

Donglian technology group was established in Hong Kong in November 1990. Its business scope covers domestic brand automobile 4S sales service center, group warehousing equipment and logistics products OTL systems, auto parts OTL auto parts and many other fields. As an important part of the group's diversified long-term development strategy, Donglian launched "OTL" OTL lubricant products in September 2016 and successfully put them on the market. With excellent performance and reliable quality, OTL lubricating oil quickly swept the industry in a short time, becoming a new imported brand recognized by industry users

it is reported that OTL otel, the current flagship of Donglian group, supports powerful and qualified backbone enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions to establish R & D bases, open laboratories, science and technology incubators, technology transfer centers and other brand lubricants in developed countries, which is the crystallization of long-term high-end cooperation between Hong Kong Donglian science and technology group and Saudi Arabia petroleum supply company (Arab oil supply company "APSCO"), Imported from the original bottle in Saudi Arabia, we carefully select high-quality base oil and various additives to ensure that the product quality reaches the world's top level

China's lubricant market is moving towards standardized development. Only brands with good quality, good reputation, good service and consumer satisfaction can move towards a broader development space. OTL brand adheres to the concept of "quality first, service first", and wins the favor of the market with its inherent characteristics of "extraordinary blood and extraordinary power". The relevant project leader of Donglian group said that the group will closely follow up the market support of OTL otel lubricant sales channel, flexibly handle sales and market work, and create benefits for major dealers. Researchers at the German camness University of technology have developed a series of bio based fibers that can be produced on a large scale. We will give you a better working environment, the operating conditions of plastic composites, and strive to satisfy customers. In terms of product line, we will continue to add automotive oil and industrial oil, enrich product series in many fields, and share world-class products with the Chinese market

this "2017 special recruitment fair for lubricating oil enterprises" jointly organized by China lubricating oil information and China lubricating oil market magazine and many lubricating oil enterprises, with the "lubricating oil industry group meeting, come whenever you have information!" With the theme of relying on the strong access flow and brand influence of China's lubricant information, more lubricant enterprises and talents can fully communicate, which has injected fresh blood into the development of China's lubricant industry

the world needs elites, and the times call for talents. Lubricant industry group meeting, come whenever you have information! For details, please pay attention to or scan the following QR Code:

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