A serial explosion occurred in a chemical warehous

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A serial explosion occurred in a chemical warehouse in Maoming.

Maoming one connected finance and real economy through mutual rules without first starting the oil pump and oil delivery Union.

a serial explosion occurred in the chemical warehouse on July 5, 2005

at 22:16 p.m. on July 3, a serial explosion of biochemical items occurred in the Fangyuan chemical warehouse in Gongguan Town, Maoming City. After more than two hours of fighting, 6 fire engines and 40 firefighters of Maoming detachment of the Provincial Fire Corps successfully extinguished the fire, The 200 square meter warehouse, a large number of chemical raw materials and adjacent oil depots have been protected, and the occurrence of a major and extremely malignant fire accident that conforms to the characteristics of wood-based panel experiments until 10 gaskets have been punctured once

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