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How Japan moved from a small machine tool country to a powerful machine tool country

as a leader in the field of machine tools, Japan's success in machine tools has certain reference significance. There are many things worth studying and exploring about how Japan has moved from a small machine tool country to a powerful machine tool country

first, being good at learning, paying attention to the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, learning and absorbing the achievements of other countries, and accelerating the speed of development. Japan, like China, emerged from the long-term feudal rule with a very weak technical foundation. In this case, they did not start their own research from scratch, but introduced a large number of advanced technology and equipment, including the purchase of advanced machine tools from countries such as Germany and the United States, which had only a certain understanding of it, for anatomical analysis, and hired foreign machine tool experts as consultants and guidance to develop and produce domestic machine tools, so as to master advanced machine tool technology at the fastest speed

and this learning is not limited to the technical level. In terms of management, Japan learns from the management methods of German enterprises, carries out strict professional management, optimizes management procedures, and forms integrated development; In terms of quality control, Japan has formulated the Japanese industrial foundation on the basis of German industrial standards, and set up a quality team to ensure the high quality of each process, which has also laid a good foundation for Japan's future automated production

it can be said that the imitation at the level of "copy" has led to the rapid development of Japanese machine tools and a solid industrial foundation for Japan. Even today, although Japan has become a major machine tool manufacturer and a large number of products are exported abroad, it still imports advanced equipment and technology from Europe and the United States every year. Continuous learning is the foundation for the development of Japanese machine tool industry

second, we should pay attention to innovation and devote ourselves to the research and development of the world's latest technology, so as to keep the machine tool production in a leading position for a long time. Japan has an almost fanatical pursuit of technological innovation. In the field of machine tools, Japan has always been aiming at the latest technology of jg/t 24 (2) 000 synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coatings produced by machine tools in the world, constantly studying new topics and launching new products

at present, the mother machine with the highest precision in the field of ultra precision machining in the world comes from Japan. Ahnd free-form surface diamond machining machine of jtket, Japan. This equipment is mainly used for ultra precision turning and grinding of various optical lens and Blu ray lens molds. The performance of this machine tool has reached 30nm, and the part shape will further consolidate the position of Xinlun composite as the core supplier of aluminum-plastic film products of Funeng technology. Its accuracy and 1nm RA surface roughness are nearly 8 times higher than those of lodtm and dtm-3 of LLNL in the United States and oagm2500 of cupe in the United Kingdom only in terms of processing accuracy. Even though the construction cost of ultra-high precision machine tools is high and the application scenarios are not extensive, Japan is still tirelessly exploring the limits of accuracy

it is this pursuit of technological innovation that makes Japanese machine tools continue to occupy the scientific and technological frontier of machine tool production in the world and put them in an invincible position. With the production of research results, Japan has developed a number of advanced machine tools with increasingly high scientific and technological content. It can be said that the Japanese machine tool industry has studied every year. In order to test new materials and new topics, it has introduced contemporary new technologies every year, and developed new products with leading technology every year, so as to promote the continuous progress of machine tool production

third, we have paid attention to the development of foreign trade and continuously increased overseas investment, which has effectively enhanced our competitiveness in the global machine tool market. A large number of machine tool enterprises in Japan set up factories overseas to export their products. This kind of export has made the machine tool brand of Japan famous in the world, and at the same time, it has made a lot of profits, laying a solid road for the subsequent enterprise development and product development

while we are still importing Japanese machine tools to solve manufacturing problems, Japanese enterprises are already thinking about the next product strategy. This continuous pursuit of excellence in quality and the spirit of innovation strategy is also one of the reasons why Japanese machine tools are leading the world

fourth, pay attention to talent training, and use talents to drive the development of the industry. As the saying goes, a strong youth makes a strong country, and a prosperous talent makes a country prosperous. The cultivation of talents is an extremely important invisible factor in the development of Japanese machine tool industry. Japan, which is based on industry, has made great efforts in talent training and established a very perfect education system and talent training system, such as the competition system for skilled talent training

competition system is a system in Japan's skills revitalization plan, which supports and closely integrates with the vocational skills evaluation system. Japan's vocational skills competitions are specifically divided into three categories: Youth manufacturing competition, Youth Skills Competition and skilled skills competition. These competitions have created a social atmosphere of respecting skills, strengthened the operational ability of skilled talents, and also helped to cultivate the professional psychology of young skilled talents

it is the emphasis on the cultivation of skilled talents that the Japanese machine tool industry has an endless pool of talents, and these reserve forces ensure the sustainable development of the Japanese machine tool industry in the future

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