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How did those cheap quartz watches fight against mechanical watches

the dispute between mechanical watches and quartz watches has been going on for a long time. Many people subconsciously think that cheap quartz watches are somewhat inferior. However, recalling the magnificent quartz crisis in those years, natural and unrestrained hearts cannot help sighing. In the 1960s and 1970s, a quartz storm triggered by Japan almost destroyed the whole Swiss mechanical watch industry. Now let's see how unattractive quartz watches fight against high-end mechanical watches

1. Let's first understand the opportunity of the invention of quartz watches.

although the quartz storm was caused by Japan, the quartz crystal and the first electronic quartz watch were not invented by the Japanese. In 1880, Peter Curie discovered the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal. By the 20th century, this technology had developed rapidly. At that time, the United States and Switzerland successively developed quartz electronic watches, but at that time, people thought that mechanical watches were orthodox, so quartz watches did not receive attention and were abandoned by the mainstream

then, Seiko didn't think so. They thought that the technology of quartz watch was promising, and invested in mass production. On Christmas day, 1969, Seiko launched the world's first pointer quartz watch astron 35sq

2. The difference between quartz watch and mechanical watch

mechanical watch provides power through the spring inside the movement, which drives the gear to drive the pointer to rotate. The quartz meter obtains energy through the battery. The principle is to convert electric energy into kinetic energy through the quartz oscillator, so as to drive the pointer to rotate

the power source of both is simply a spring and electricity, but the accuracy of the quartz watch can completely explode the mechanical watch without pressure

3. Japan monopolizes the calibration machine, and quartz watches are developing rapidly.

due to different structures, the production speed of quartz watches is significantly higher than that of mechanical watches, and the cost is extremely low. The Japanese seized the opportunity and quickly seized the market. Since Seiko launched the world's first quartz watch called "quartz astron", the revolution has kicked off

subsequently, Japanese watchmakers began to mass produce quartz watches with good quality and low price, and watches changed from luxury goods to cheap electronic products, with very high accuracy, and quickly occupied the mechanical watch market

4. Quartz crisis, Swiss watches were forced to give in

with a large number of quartz watches entering the market, many watch brands in Switzerland have been hit, and the output has decreased sharply. It is no longer necessary for users to make effective use of the good characteristics of health, and users can adjust hardware zeros with the hardware zeroing button. From 74 to 1983, the output of Swiss watches and movement decreased sharply from 84 million to 30.2 million, and the total number of employees decreased sharply from 90000 to 30000. The Swiss watch industry is on the verge of collapse. Many brands have transformed into quartz watches

5. Your boss or your boss, the status of high-end brands is unshakable

although many brands are forced to start producing quartz watches, the world's leading prefabricated construction expert rausberg built a imitation tunnel for Shanghai International Motor City (Group) Co., Ltd. in the closed road outside Shanghai International F1 racing circuit. It is a relatively independent watch brand such as Patek Philippe and Rolex that has not received a fatal impact, Status remains unaffected

6. The biggest winner after the crisis, Swatch

the quartz crisis lasted until the 1980s, when the Swiss mechanical watch industry was hit to pieces. At that time, a man named Nicholas Hayek stood up and bought many Swiss mechanical watch brands, and then strategically launched low-end quartz watches that were cheaper than Japanese quartz watches, seizing the market with Japanese quartz watches, In 1988, the sales volume of swatch quartz watches exceeded 50million, leading the Swiss watch industry to rise from the dead

then mechanical watches began to take the high-end route, becoming a symbol of status, mainly facing high-end customer groups, while quartz watches occupied the low-end market, so mechanical watches were reborn

summary: mechanical watches have developed since the 16th century. In the 20th century, it has suffered a major blow to the crops themselves, and now it has returned to the top of the watch industry. It is true that quartz watches are good and cheap, but people prefer to appreciate the beauty of machinery and feel the ultimate craft charm of mechanical watches

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