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Japan's paper industry in China seeks business opportunities through diaper demand

according to the Xinhua overseas Chinese news of Japan on September 24, since the discord between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands Dispute, Japanese economic circles have expressed concern about the current economic ties between China and Japan. In order to break the economic ice caused by political contradictions, in addition to the high-level planning of mutual visits between the economic circles of both sides, Japanese enterprises in China are constantly looking for opportunities to quickly seize a favorable market position. Recently, Japanese paper enterprises in China have found their own development opportunities from the increasing market demand for infant products. According to the Japan Broadcasting Association, China's economy continues to grow strongly, and Chinese families have increased demand for high-quality, safe and reliable baby products produced by Japanese enterprises. To this end, Japanese paper-making enterprises have taken actions to strengthen production management, especially Japanese paper-making enterprises that have entered the mainland of China, and have increased projects such as the construction of new factories, in order to strengthen the production system

among many Japanese paper manufacturing enterprises that have entered the Chinese market, Unicar, which entered China in 1995, has a significant market advantage. In 2012, the sales of Unicar brand baby paper diapers and other products accounted for 14% of the total sales of similar products. This sales performance prompted unijia to decide to further expand its business in China, and decided to build a fifth branch in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, in 2013. It plans to promote the annual sales to the target of 20% of the total auxiliary experiment time sales of similar products in China

King paper, another large Japanese paper manufacturing enterprise with increasing demand for lightweight and robust components, has also built its first enterprise in China in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, with a wide product portfolio and rich project experience to provide a comprehensive solution for sustainable construction, and plans to officially start production in November

at the same time, in view of the current increasing market demand in China, raw material production and processing enterprises such as Mitsui chemical and Toray, which provide raw materials for the production of diapers, have also invested in the construction of new production lines in China and strengthened their own production system

due to the deterioration of Sino Japanese relations in the past one or two years, Japanese business circles have always been worried that Japan's trade with China will be reduced due to the involvement of political and international relations factors. However, at present, the increasing demand for safe and high-quality diapers in China's baby products consumer market has made Japanese enterprises see the dawn. Therefore, Japanese paper enterprises have responded positively to the needs of the Chinese market and strengthened internal management, Increase production input externally in order to open up the gap in this way

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