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Japanese relief printing company developed and invented a new type of packaging paper can

Japan therefore, this relief printing company developed and invented a new type of paper can packaging that can maintain a high degree of sealing and sterilization and can be stored for a long time at room temperature. Its food preservation capacity is no less than that of metal cans. Practice has proved that Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of experimental machines all year round, and the food in cans will not deteriorate within a year under normal temperature

the characteristics of this paper can are: lighter than iron cans and glass bottles; It can be filled at high temperature. Due to the edge protection of aluminum foil packaging, the penetration of oxygen is reduced, so the shelf life of circulation at room temperature can reach more than one year; In order to achieve sound development of the can body experimental machine industry, the materials are made of paper, aluminum, polyethylene, polyester (PET), etc., which ensure the strength of the can body and can be circulated directly in the original shape of the can. Therefore, like the traditional round cans, they can be used for automatic sales machines; Wei pays special attention to silk fibroin, which is a kind of protein found in the silk fibers of spiders and moths. It can be burned and pollution-free. At present, this kind of paper can has been used in the packaging of beer, fruit juice or other beverages, and has been well received

the paper can is designed into a concave shape on the side of the can to strengthen the strength of the can and will not produce a deflated can, which is a key problem in the past development of cans

it is understood that at present, the annual consumption of aluminum cans and metal tinplate cans in China is 20billion, and raw materials need to be imported in large quantities, which are expensive and cause environmental pollution. Therefore, whether to find new packaging containers to replace aluminum cans and tinplate cans has become a concern of the industry. Paper cans overcome various disadvantages and have broad prospects for development

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