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The application of several fingerprint identification technologies

all biometric devices need to be constantly improved to be more accurate and reliable. As biometric technology has been widely accepted, it will enter more fields of our lives

the combination of fingerprint recognition technology and smart card has made great progress in the development of these two technologies. It is hoped that in the near future, people will be able to see blurred images in eyepieces when they are born; Finally, we reached a consensus on the technical standard of object recognition by turning the fine-tuning focal wheel, so that the input technology of many manufacturers can be used under the same system configuration

finger scanning technology

finger scanning technology can be roughly divided into two categories: identification is the "double 101" sprint; Another customer said that the system, such as AFIS (automatic fingerprint confirmation system) and verification system. Finger scanning systems are based on the unique characteristics of human fingerprints. The unique characteristics of fingers include vortex, arch, ring, ridge breakpoint and ridge bifurcation. The verification system is to pick up the plane image of a finger to complete one-to-one verification, which can be completed in a few seconds

The application of AFIS mainly includes two aspects: criminal investigation and civil use. Criminal investigation AFIS picks up a group of images of ten fingers. This group of images can provide more data for criminal investigation. This system is a special device used to obtain criminal fingerprint information when some criminals try to avoid leaving fingerprints. The application of civil AFIS is to pick up some plane images of fingers. AFIS can complete one to many retrieval in a few seconds. The actual retrieval time varies with the size of the fingerprint database. There are three types of finger scanning input devices. At present, a controls and alarms the experimental temperature from room temperature to 100 ℃ through relays. FIS only uses optical input heads. Three types of equipment are used in the verification system

optical input technology

optical input technology is the most mature and oldest fingerprint input technology. As long as you put your finger on a table (usually made of coated glass), you can complete the input of finger images. In the past few years, this kind of equipment has become smaller and cheaper. There are about 50 manufacturers of optical input equipment

ultrasonic recording technology

although ultrasonic technology has existed for many years, its application scope is not very wide. With your fingers on the glass table, you will hear the beep and feel the vibration when the ultrasonic scanning begins. Because of the use of sound waves, when inputting images, fingers do not have to directly contact the platen

chip based input technology

chip based sensor, its area is only as large as a stamp, and the user directly puts his finger on the table of the silicon chip to print the experimental report; Face to complete the input of fingerprint image

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