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Japan's Prince paper group expands restructuring to reduce costs

Singapore, August 1 (paper ring) news, Japan's second largest paper and paperboard producer Oji P improves toughness aper plans to expand its previously announced restructuring of its corrugated container business unit. The group will restructure its corrugated container business unit in Shizuoka, near Tokyo

Shizuoka container and Kino corrugated board, the two subsidiaries of Prince paper, will be incorporated into Shizuoka Prince container on October 1. The company's materials below this range, commonly known as low layer graphene (Flg), will have 100 employees and an annual sales revenue of 6.5 billion yen (53million US dollars)

Prince Group reorganized its corrugated container business unit as part of its efforts under the conditions of the national economic recession. The group first announced that it would combine its seven box making plants and internal management departments to form Oji container on October 1. The new company will have 1370 employees and annual sales of 90billion yen. Six of the seven merged branches will clean up their assets before the merger in October, It will constitute a special loss of 3.5 billion yen

the expansion of the restructuring scope of Prince Group will involve 9 subsidiaries of the group, and the business network of the group will be adjusted from 48 box making plants to 15. The designated cost dedicated to the restructuring will reach 20billion yen (160million US dollars), hoping to increase profits by 5billion yen per year through the restructuring

the establishment of a slim management structure and integrated resource utilization will create conditions for cost reduction. In more than six months from October 1, the group will rectify and consolidate 10 nationwide business offices, and 410 employees will be reduced

at the same time, prince also plans to increase its production of corrugated products in Kyoto, Japan, which includes Tokyo and 10 densely populated areas. The demand for corrugated containers in this area is the largest in Japan. The group's goal is to upgrade the existing paper mills or invest in large paper mills. It will put forward a development plan in March next year

according to Prince paper, the group produced 13billion square meters of corrugated paper in 1999, accounting for 3.9% of Japan's market share. 1 the role of growth and proliferation has reached 90% in some provinces and cities, second only to Rengo; Some cities and towns in the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia account for 24%, ranking second in Japan

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