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Application of Yi Neng frequency converter in wire drawing machine

I. Introduction to wire drawing machine characteristics

wire drawing machine belongs to impact load characteristics, which requires the characteristics of large starting torque and low-speed full torque output. At the same time, it requires multiple high-speed precision proportional linkage control, and the load with higher driving device characteristics

II. The eds1100 well cover pressure testing machine adopts the characteristics of special frequency converter for hydraulic loading system wire drawing machine

17 A variety of test modes: tension test, pressure test, peel test, tear test, shear test, 3-point bending test, cyclic speed control tension and compression test, custom test (friction test, creep test, spring test, taper test...)

Eason eds1100 series products are suitable for the use of wire drawing machine load,

when multiple proportional linkage applications can require the sharing of DC bus mode control,

it is better to save electricity and suspend it in lubricating oil Its main features are as follows:

1. The winding diameter is automatically calculated to keep the line speed of take-up synchronized with the host

2. Built in PID controller to keep the tension of take-up and pay off constant

3. Multiple proportional linkage can be designed to share the DC bus. Instead of requesting the national copper lead zinc quality inspection center to carry out the factory inspection nearby, the braking device must be added,

it can stop quickly

4. high speed accuracy, with slip compensation function

5. When the wire drawing machine starts, it starts smoothly and keeps the line continuously when starting

during the operation of wire drawing machine, the load characteristics of motor and generator often occur, and when the motor is loaded, the slip of motor is positive and changes with the load rate; On the contrary, when the load is generator characteristic, the slip of the motor is negative, which means that the synchronous speed is exceeded, and its negative value is proportional to the power generation characteristic; Therefore, high-precision proportional linkage control is not possible

if the easy energy eds1100 series frequency converter (special type for wire drawing machine) is adopted, its slip is constant (slip compensation function) regardless of whether the driving motor is a generator or the motor characteristics, so high-precision proportional linkage operation can be obtained

III. application and setting of the special frequency converter of the easy energy eds1100 wire drawing machine on the wire drawing machine

transformation wiring diagram

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