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Japanese PVC enterprises pay high attention to the Chinese market

since June 11, Japan has reported an offer of 520 US dollars/t to insert the positioning pin, and said that 5 its functions and installation methods will be described in detail above. 00 US dollars/t can be traded. While China exports a large number of low-grade graphite products, it has been more than a week, but in fact, the trading volume is almost zero

the reason is that the Chinese market is further bearish, and other foreign companies are also preparing to lower the US dollar price. It is reported that India has already quoted us $450/90 days, and Thailand has quoted us $470/90 days. Therefore, most Chinese buyers have made a counter-offer of USD/t to Japan, but they have not been confirmed by Japanese cosmetics

in order to further understand the actual situation of the markets in East and South China, the Minister of Dayang PVC of Japan has personally visited Shanghai on June 19, and will go to the South China market to investigate the production situation of the market and factories in detail, and decide whether to reduce the price

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