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Japanese polyolefin customers come to Zhenhai Refining and chemical exchange

Japanese polyolefin customers come to Zhendao to use concrete pressure testing machine. Hailian chemical exchange

January 18, 2019

on January 11, Sinopec Chemical Marketing East China branch brought Japanese Shihua Co., Ltd., Mitsui products Co., Ltd. and Tianma Co., Ltd. to Zhenhai Refining and chemical exchange

in September 2017, Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. * single polypropylene transparent material was exported to Japan, which was promoted by chemical marketing East China branch and Japan Shihua Co., Ltd. Mitsui plastic is one of Japan's five largest trading houses, China's paint. Tianma Co., Ltd. is one of the Japanese synthetic plastic molding * enterprises. In January this year, * it purchased 500 tons of transparent materials from our company

Japanese customers visited Zhenhai Refining and chemical polyolefin laboratory, packaging line and three-dimensional warehouse, and exchanged ideas with Zhenhai Refining and chemical on issues related to the use of new polyolefin products with invalid warranty, so as to promote the growth of overall strength, further expand cooperation and improve logistics

Mitsui's industrial materials department, iwaki Zuo Qianwu, said that such a large-scale factory is still very rare in Japan for more than 20 years, and he hopes to further expand cooperation with Zhenhai Refining and chemical. Fujioka Jiu, the vice president of the material Department of Tianma company, is often interested in the tortuous experimental position of the non (2) oil cylinder down universal experimental machine recommended by Zhenhai Refining and chemical research and development center, although it is relatively low, and said that it will further test in production after returning to China

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