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Japanese polyurethane company set up a factory in Shanghai

Japanese polyurethane company set up a factory in Shanghai

can also realize coating molding. On October 20, 2003

Japanese polyurethane (poly urthane) industrial company set up a wholly-owned Polyurethane manufacturing and sales base in Shanghai, and it is expected to start manufacturing and selling polyurethane raw materials for foaming this autumn. Production projects include polyurethane products such as foaming raw materials, coatings,

adhesives, with a production capacity of 4000 tons/year. As early as 2001, the company has set up a research and development center in Shanghai. This time, it has established an integrated system from product development to sales, in order to strengthen the local China Zhongwang to establish a product and process design team. In early 1956, the product supply was

. At present, China's automobile, motor and construction related industries are growing rapidly, and the demand growth rate of polyurethane products is as high as

10%. In particular, the use of rigid foaming materials in refrigerators, building materials, thermal insulation materials and other aspects has grown significantly.

the investment in research and development of architectural coatings is relatively high, and the demand for adhesives is also great

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