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Application of Jiekong FameView in automatic control of water plants

automatic monitoring characteristics of water plants: generally c/s structure; Most of the on-site customers have average technical level, or are just ordinary operators; I feel strange to computer application, but the relevant superior managers require the automation level of the water plant to be as high as possible and the automation level to be as close to the domestic first-class as possible; From the perspective of project construction management, the project construction must have a life period - the completion date, that is, the company cannot arrange technicians to enter the construction site indefinitely. In order to solve the above problems, it is unnecessary to choose advanced equipment and instruments in hardware. It is inevitable to choose configuration software in software to develop a secondary interface with strong visualization and simple application. It is required that the reliability and stability of configuration software must be strong, otherwise it will increase the maintenance cost for users

since 2003, due to cost reasons, we have used various configuration software at home and abroad to test and try out the configuration software developed by many manufacturers at home and abroad. Finally, we chose the FameView software of Jiekong company, because some foreign software development is difficult, which is not suitable for the actual needs of the construction of small and medium-sized water plants; The software of some domestic manufacturers is unstable in the field application process (especially when the project is large), which increases the maintenance cost of users

FameView 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0, which we finally selected, are particularly stable since their application. The communication speed of multiple devices is very fast (especially GPRS). Three to four communication protocols can be run on the same communication bus, and the communication with PLC is particularly simple (especially the communication with Siemens does not need SIMATIC NET); We believe that the stability of Jiekong software, extensive instrument support and excellent technical force team finally made the company and end-user decision-making leaders recognize its stable performance

fameview software features: stability, rapid response, powerful database function, bright and bright interface, simple user secondary interface development, rich functions, and simple and easy code program development; Their reports are very distinctive. There are report controls on the screen, including class reports, reports, monthly reports, annual reports, free reports, etc. the report making and query are very simple

as its name implies, Jiekong has strong technical force, timely and in place after-sales support, and rapid and accurate preparation of device drivers

there are about 100 application sites of Jiekong configuration software in Beijing Water Management Center since the end of 2005, including Miyun Henan Zhai water plant and Shicheng water plant in Beijing; Daxing nangezhuang water plant, Anding water plant, Caiyu water plant; Niedui water plant, Xiaoyao water plant, aigang water plant, Luyi Zhangdian water plant, Jiaozuo Xiuwu water plant, Xiangcheng Lizhai water plant, Zhengguo water plant, Shangshui County water plant, Hua county water plant, Zhumadian Shangcai water plant, Xincai water plant, Kaifeng Tongxu water plant, Puyang Wenliu water plant, Huzhuang water plant; Salaqi water plant and maodai water plant in tumed Right Banner, Inner Mongolia, heichannaoer water plant in ejinholo banner, etc. Since the date of installation, Jiekong configuration software has been running stably in all sites, with excellent performance. There has been no failure and shutdown, which has been highly praised by users

in addition, the performance of Jiekong configuration software in wireless application - wireless network packet technology (GPRS) is also commendable, and it still shows its stability and excellence. The details are as follows:

FameView configuration software provides remote connection services and supports the communication of remote devices without fixed IP, such as GPRS, CDMA, ADSL, etc., which are widely used in water conservancy dispatching, urban heat and other industries

a many manufacturers provide gprs/cdma data terminals, such as Hongdian, Lichuang, Meitong, etc

b. In principle, it supports the data terminal equipment of all manufacturers. You can add new equipment types with simple programming without modifying and writing communication drivers

c. The remote connection service can open up up to 8 ports, corresponding to a certain data terminal device respectively. Each port allows 100 data terminal devices to connect, and the remote connection service manages the connected devices

d set the IP address and TCP port number opened by the remote connection service in the data terminal, and name the unique identification name for the data terminal; After the data terminal is powered on, it will automatically connect CV ≤ 4% to the remote service and inform its own identification name

e. the communication driver finds that the data terminal equipment is online through the remote connection service, sends instructions to the data terminal equipment, and the data terminal equipment receives the instructions, forwards them to the control equipment through its own serial port, and re transmits the data returned by the control equipment. The staff should replace the high-quality oil in time and forward them to the driver

f, support c/s structure, remote connection service and communication driver can not be on the same computer

g. The remote connection service supports the parallel multithreading working mechanism and can send instructions to the data terminal equipment at the same time. The number of equipment basically does not affect the communication speed. In the practical application with 300 terminal equipment, the time of each acquisition cycle is 6 seconds

in order to reduce the cost of data traffic, the communication can be triggered regularly or manually, and the data will be maintained during the period of no communication

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