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Relying on the application of energy-saving plastic king in the variable-frequency drive of injection molding machine

the traditional injection machine is generally driven by oil pressure, and most of the oil pressure system adopts the reflux method to control the pressure and flow (return the excess oil to the oil tank). Therefore, the working efficiency of the whole injection molding machine is very low, and the power waste is very serious recently

at present, the way of energy-saving transformation is to add a frequency converter to control the rotation speed of the oil pump motor. The effect of saving electricity is good, generally about 20 ~ 75% This will greatly reduce the electricity cost for direct manufacturers Users can choose sujiewang AC variable frequency drive device

due to the relationship between the performance and equipment of the frequency converter, if the domestic non speed sensor control technology is adopted, it is difficult to start quickly, so the production quantity will drop by about 3 ~ 10%, and the product quality will also be affected. There are often tripping phenomena, the motor is hot and easy to burn, there are many waste materials, the electric power factor is very low (it needs to be increased as the RMB fund phase capacitor equipment), and there are many high-frequency interference (easy to misoperate), This is something that customers need to pay special attention to

brushless DC and calculate the difference between the standard weight and the universal machine adopts the principle of permanent magnet brushless motor, which has the characteristics of fast start (faster than the full voltage start of AC asynchronous machine), and is more than 20% higher than the comprehensive efficiency of inverter driven asynchronous machine. The motor is not hot, with low noise and low harmonic interference. It is the best driving device of high-precision and energy-saving injection molding machine

when brushless DC motor or plastic King drive device is applied to high-precision and energy-saving injection molding machine, the proportional valve provides signal (0 ~ 800ma/24v) as input command, and through setting oil pressure or flow command value for comparison, a closed-loop constant pressure control system is formed The oil pump only replenishes the part with insufficient pressure, so the purpose of energy saving and power saving can be achieved. At the same time, the oil temperature is low, the service life is long, the motor temperature is relatively low, and the whole working environment can be improved. The air-conditioned plant can save a lot of air-conditioning electricity costs

through the transformation of the whole plant, using brushless DC motor or plastic King products, customers can omit the leading phase capacitor device. At the same time, the capacity of power contract, transformer and transmission and distribution circuit can increase the utilization rate by about 30%, which is very helpful for power expansion and cost reduction

note; Su Jie Wang is a registered trademark of our company, which is specially used in the energy-saving transformation of injection molding machines

advantages of Brushless DC motor applied to injection molding machine:

1 The best driving device of high energy-saving injection molding machine

2. The best drive assembly of high-precision injection molding machine is now manufactured in industry compared with a few decades ago

3. With the same size as the asynchronous machine, it is easy to transform

4. The starting speed is faster than the power frequency power supply of asynchronous machine

5. The motor is not hot, with lower noise and vibration

6. The pressure accuracy is the highest

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