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Japanese paper enterprises will invest in China for the first time

Japanese Prince paper company will invest 70billion yen (US $1, about 118 yen) to set up a factory in Shanghai to produce glossy paper

glossy paper is a kind of paper coated with paint on the surface of paper to make it shiny. It is widely used in books, commodity advertisements, commodity catalogues and so on. It is more than twice the area of France, and the investment of Prince paper company this time is the first real large-scale investment in China by a Japanese paper-making enterprise, which has become an ideal substitute for wood and new materials

the new factory, located in the suburbs of Shanghai, will use the world's largest glossy paper production equipment, and will start producing glossy paper for books and other purposes in 2006. The factory will adopt a one-stop production system from pulp production to final paper processing, with an annual production of 500000 tons of glossy paper. The paper produced may be exported to Japan

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