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The construction of Nantong factory of Jiangsu Prince Paper Co., Ltd., with an investment of $2billion, has been fully launched. This is the largest industrial project ever invested by Japan in China and the largest overseas investment project of Japan Prince Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Prince paper)

Watanabe, head of Prince paper China business department and general manager of Jiangsu Prince Paper Co., Ltd., is introducing to first finance and economics that the two high-end Coated Paper production lines with an annual output of 400000 experimental machines that can stop testing the quality or performance through control software have been under construction, and the first production line is expected to be officially put into production in 2010

at present, the third high-grade coated paper production line with an annual output of 400000 tons is also being planned, with an investment of about US $600million to produce plastic deformation. After all the three production lines are put into operation, the total output of the factory will reach 1.2 million tons. The market share of Prince paper in China will exceed 10%

Watanabe told China business: in the absence of growth in Japan's paper consumption, we must seek greater development in China

Prince paper is currently the No. 1 enterprise in Japan's paper industry and the No. 6 Enterprise in the world. In Japan, the annual sales of Prince paper reached 1.3 trillion yen (about 92.3 billion yuan), accounting for 26% of the Japanese paper market share. Curve drawing: the test results of all samples after the end of the experiment

in 1995, Prince paper began to enter China. Before the project of Jiangsu Prince Paper Co., Ltd. was launched, it mainly focused on paper processing business, including nipo paper towels, with a total investment of about 180million yuan

Japan uses 250 kilograms of paper per capita every year, while China uses only one fifth of Japan's paper per capita every year, while its population is 10 times that of Japan. In this way, China has 50 times the growth potential. This market is very huge. It is estimated that if it develops rapidly, China may surpass the United States this year. Watanabe said

according to the survey data of the China Paper Association, the consumption of paper and paperboard in China increased by 10.72% annually from 2000 to 2007, higher than the GDP growth of China in the same period. It is the second largest country in the world in paper consumption, second only to the United States. Over the past decade, the annual average growth rate of world paper consumption has been only 2% to 3%. In the coated paper market, since 2000, domestic consumption has increased by 10%, while net exports have also increased year by year

Zhao Wei, Secretary General of China Paper Association, introduced that at present, China's coated paper market has formed a situation dominated by foreign-funded enterprises and almost monopolized, and foreign-funded paper-making enterprises such as Jinguang group, Sun Group and Daewoo Group have carved up the entire coated paper market

from a global perspective, the development prospect of coated paper is good, and the completion of the prince paper Nantong project will also alleviate the monopoly of coated paper in China. Zhao Wei told. Moreover, the production scale of more than one million tons also provides a strong foundation for Prince paper to have a foothold in the Chinese market

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