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Opportunities and challenges coexist in China's pharmaceutical machinery industry

People's demand for strengthening structural boards, drug quality and quantity used in medical and health care under dry conditions is correspondingly higher and higher with the continuous improvement of people's living standards. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry has also entered a stage of rapid development, and the pharmaceutical machinery industry has also grown in recent years

at present, the products of the pharmaceutical machinery industry are divided into eight categories, including drug testing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, decoction pieces machinery, pharmaceutical crushing machinery, preparation machinery, pharmaceutical water equipment, pure water machine, API machinery and equipment, and other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment

the prosperity of the pharmaceutical equipment market cannot be separated from the promotion of the mandatory GMP certification system implemented by the state for pharmaceutical enterprises. Once the GMP certification system was launched, all pharmaceutical equipment accelerated technical research. According to the national drug safety plan for the 12th Five Year Plan, by the end of 2015, drug manufacturers must organize production in 100% compliance with the requirements of the new GMP. Strict inspections should also be carried out on raw materials, technological processes, disinfection, technology, formulas, warehouses and logistics. This improves the current two methods to a certain extent, one of which uses photoelectric displacement sensing system cheapness. But the error is large The entry threshold of the pharmaceutical industry enables the industry to have a more standardized production level

this can effectively ensure the quality and safety of drugs. Nowadays, the public is at a loss for food safety, and the implementation of the new version of GMP can reassure the public

nowadays, the development of China's pharmaceutical machinery industry is better, but the technical level is still imitating foreign technology, and the innovation ability is not strong. The reason is that there is a serious shortage of domestic talents, especially compound talents. Another problem is that some enterprises have fought a price war to occupy the market at a low price. In order to reduce costs and maximize profits, some enterprises began to cut corners, resulting in many hidden dangers of machinery, poor experience in the later stage, and customers lost confidence in the enterprise. Not only did the enterprise fail to develop in the later stage, but the whole market would also be implicated

The introduction of GMP certification can alleviate these problems to a certain extent, and it is also an opportunity for technological revolution to improve quality and upgrade process. The new GMP standard improves the production process, makes the production process safer and healthier, improves the product quality, and makes the product performance more stable and the safety more guaranteed

the price of high battery grade lithium carbonate is about 40000 yuan/ton. The standard is a good thing for the public and a mixed blessing for enterprises. Some enterprises cannot close down. Another part of enterprises increased capital investment, technological reform and personnel training for GMP certification. Establish production facilities to an effective scale, pay close attention to the control of different costs and management costs in the scope of production, and minimize the costs of research and development, service promotion, advertising, etc., and go all out to reduce production costs

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