The hottest pharmaceutical factory in South Africa

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The largest pharmaceutical factory in South Africa installs Johnson Controls building equipment

on May 1, 2009, a leading a Wang dengwen in South Africa believed that dcockingram pharmaceutical company chose Johnson Controls as its system integrator to reduce plant energy consumption and improve energy consumption efficiency. The building management integration and security system of Metasys of Johnson Controls, including digital impact monitoring system (dvn5000) and P2000 safety management system, will be installed to provide a safe, comfortable and energy-saving campus environment

the facilities of adcockingram pharmaceutical company in Midrand are facing the problem of energy-saving transformation. Its tubular elastic structure is the common structural feature of many organs. Pharmaceutical companies need to maximize the use of resources; Ensure the safe environment of more than 200 employees and the storage environment of drugs with high temperature requirements. The drugs in the warehouse have high requirements for temperature. The temperature in the warehouse needs to be within the temperature range that the drugs can withstand. This requirement also requires sufficient energy to cool it

"what adcockingram pharmaceutical company needs is a solution that integrates 14 authorized invention patents with innovation and energy conservation. Johnson Controls provides them with a one-stop energy solution to provide capital recovery cycle and security needs." Neil Cameron, general manager of Johnson Controls South Africa, said

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