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Pharmaceutical enterprises want to enter the e-commerce industry, and it is expected that next year's venture capital meeting will enter the market.

according to Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, December 4, the booming sales have made some pharmaceutical companies uncontrollable. Pianzihuang (600436), known as Maotai in medicine, recently announced that it would spend nearly 10 million yuan to build its own e-commerce channel

just as pharmaceutical enterprises extended the industrial chain down to chain pharmacies earlier, going to pharmacies has become a new goal for many pharmaceutical enterprises focusing on production. Zhang Yong, Secretary General of the China Pharmacy Council, said

Yunnan Baiyao (000538), Dong'e Ejiao (000423) and other brands of domestic enterprises that can provide Internet drug trading services to consumers are listed on the list

we will seek cooperative (e-commerce) partners in due course. Qin Yufeng, general manager of Dong'e Ejiao, said

Xu Yi, CEO of deshengtang shangdrugstore, judged that pharmaceutical enterprises with industrial background, especially those whose business extends to the field of general health, may sell some unique varieties on self built e-commerce platforms, thereby increasing market popularity. Otherwise, only relying on self-produced varieties can not compete with chain drugstores

according to the statistics of the State Food and drug administration, there are 3739 enterprises with the qualification of Internet drug information service and 117 enterprises with the qualification of Internet drug trading service

according to the requirements, enterprises that provide Internet drug trading services to individual consumers need to have both "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" and "Internet drug trading service qualification certificate"

according to many insiders, there are no more than 70 qualified pharmaceutical enterprises that have been launched, and the rest are still under construction and improvement. In the first three quarters of 2012, the domestic pharmaceutical B2C (business to customer) transaction scale was 1.09 billion yuan. Considering that the fourth quarter is the peak season of e-commerce promotion, the annual scale in 2012 is expected to reach 1.65 billion yuan, an increase of more than 300% over the market scale of 400million yuan in 2011

it is expected that with the market increment brought by new entrants, the industry scale will enter the fast lane in 2014. Zhang Yong said

it is reported that as soon as the end of this year or the first half of next year, 100 or more drug retail chain enterprises may obtain licenses issued by the State Food and drug administration

in addition, at present, the use of electric shock drug manufacturers is basically their own funds, and the industry is expected to have some venture capital gradually by next year. Household appliances are the largest consumer area of MDI in China

compared with the ups and downs of e-commerce in other industries, Shangyao stores are relatively stable. They are more likely to fall into a price war and close down. Figures also show that the impact is small. Xu Yi told that first, drugs have a special identity and are under control, so the government will not let them become a disaster; Second, to carry out online drug sales, it must be a drug retail chain enterprise. Therefore, unlike some individual entrepreneurial Internet enterprises, they will not go bankrupt due to the breakage of the capital chain; Third, at present, shangdrugstore is still in the initial stage of development, with few competitors, and the market game has not yet appeared

but even so, the industry is still facing many tests,

the first is the doubts and choices of consumers. For example, whether the quality of drugs is reliable and how to distinguish the authenticity; Whether the delivery process is safe, whether the time is guaranteed, etc

secondly, some organizations carry out special supervision and research, and Li Gui also interferes with the market order. The national food and drug administration itself is a kind of resource, and recently announced the list of 12 drug sales stations that illegally released false drug information; Not only that, but also found a large number of illegal station servers located abroad that publish false information and sell fake drugs

Liang Yongqiang, the person in charge of Kaixinren shangdrugstore who participated in the preparation and formulation of the self discipline Convention for China's pharmaceutical e-commerce industry, said that enterprises need self-discipline and management from many aspects, such as pharmaceutical e-commerce transactions, credit, logistics distribution, supply chain coordination, goods and services, backtracking, complaint and suggestion process, information release, third-party supervision and so on

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