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With the rapid development of packaging, have you ever encountered these disadvantages

[China Packaging News] in today's market, with the increase of products, packaging forms are also gradually increasing. Consumers choose the products they like. In addition to the satisfaction and popularity of the products themselves, packaging design is affecting consumers' purchase decisions. In the market, you can find that the packaging of many goods sold on the market is not standardized and in place

first, a new product is launched through packaging design, showing the best side to meet the demands of consumers. It can be seen that the theme of the product should be displayed through packaging. If this is the lack of relevant themes in the packaging design of a product, can it meet and attract consumers? Obviously, products without themes will lose to similar products with themes, which will inhibit the sales of products. When consumers choose similar products, such as moon cakes, will they choose those with moon cake logo that are not approved in the United States, or just those with moon cake introduction

second, some packaging designs are undertaken by printing houses, and the design capabilities of some printing houses are often uneven. Even the design of some small printing houses is surprising. The design is clearly about the packaging of plum blossoms, but the pattern of flowers and plants is printed on the packaging bag. After seeing this packaging, the consumer feels that it is deceptive. Will he still want to buy it? Obviously, it is unlikely that doubts will make consumers psychologically unable to accept the product

third, the packaging is too exquisite and flashy. In order to achieve consumption goals, some businesses take the luxury route, but the results often outweigh the losses. For example, the packaging of some foods is too ordinary, and the gentle Jin Chengli is too luxurious. When consumers see it, they will say that they are reluctant to eat such refined things and throw away the packaging boxes, so they don't buy them at all in the end. It is not the intention of the merchants to cause such consequences

fourth, there are some beverage products. The consumers are mainly sports lovers, but the packaging is glass containers, but glass is easy to get drunk, which will make consumers feel difficult to carry, so it is not suitable for the purpose of product sales. Therefore, the package must be sensitive and reliable, and the convenience of consumers should be considered

v. there is a trend in packaging design in the market now, such as environmental protection packaging. Advocating green environmental protection is becoming more and more popular. Environmental protection issues directly reflect the attention of enterprises to consumers. Such enterprises are easy to be recognized by consumers

whether the commodity packaging design is standardized and in place has become a major issue that manufacturers must seriously consider. Designers must avoid these disadvantages when designing packaging, so as to impress consumers and make them willing to buy products, so as to improve sales. With the continuous awareness of people, commodity packaging design is becoming more and more important

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