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Pharmaceutical market logistics base settled in Taizhou, Jiangsu

in 2016, the company reported that the revenue of copper clad laminate products accounted for 98% of the total revenue.

it was learned from Taizhou pharmaceutical high tech park that the China (Taizhou automobile firmware) pharmaceutical city logistics base project with a total investment of 5billion yuan was officially settled in Taizhou

According to the introduction, according to the industrial positioning of Taizhou pharmaceutical high tech park, the overall planning of the pharmaceutical Park, the pharmaceutical market logistics base and comprehensive supporting area cover a total area of 3000 mu, and the construction period is 5 years

the project is invested by Wenzhou Hengzheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and will build ten professional markets, including pharmaceutical packaging material market, pharmaceutical equipment and accessories professional market, pharmaceutical professional wholesale area, traditional Chinese medicine professional wholesale area, pharmaceutical equipment professional wholesale area, as well as medical and pharmaceutical exhibition and Trade Center, medical and health area, China medicated food street, etc

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