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What is the situation of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises facing the reshuffle war in the pharmaceutical industry

improving the quality of equipment can be said to be something that every pharmaceutical equipment enterprise can grasp and do. At present, the State Food and drug administration is strictly focusing on the quality of drugs and frequent flight inspections, so the pressure of pharmaceutical enterprises can be imagined. For the pharmaceutical industry to produce more standardized and standardized, the relevant departments also start with pharmaceutical equipment

judging from the current development status of the pharmaceutical industry, whether it is drug bidding, medical insurance cost control, consistency evaluation, environmental protection policies, pharmaceutical enterprises will be prompted to adjust their product structure to meet market demand. Nevertheless, there are still many pharmaceutical enterprises that choose to sell factories or seek cooperation when they cannot adapt to the adjustment and cannot keep up with their own reform

if successful, these pharmaceutical enterprises can continue to develop; If it fails, the enterprise will be out or even quit completely. Industry analysts said that in this round of reshuffle, there may be only 1000 domestic pharmaceutical companies left. For the pharmaceutical equipment industry, which is highly valued by all sectors of society, it will also be greatly affected by the shuffle war

it is reported that since 2018, 140 drug production enterprises in 12 provinces have had their drug production licenses cancelled. At present, the shuffle war in the pharmaceutical industry continues. What kind of situation will pharmaceutical equipment enterprises face in the new round of reshuffle

the pharmaceutical equipment industry is an important link in drug production. For the new round of reshuffle war, experts said that the strength of China's pharmaceutical equipment enterprises is constantly improving, but there is a fact that cannot be ignored is that there are often as many as a dozen, dozens, or even hundreds of similar product manufacturers. Moreover, the production standards among enterprises are not unified, and the overall level is uneven

the future development direction of the industry will focus on refinement and simplification. In addition, affected by the shuffle war of pharmaceutical enterprises, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises with high product repetition and no core competitiveness are bound to be eliminated

in addition to the above reasons, industry insiders also believe that the manufacturing level of domestic equipment can only meet some links, and in many cases it is difficult to provide supporting production of the whole production line, and the high profits are often divided up by overseas enterprises. In addition, domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have a backward awareness of production management and a lack of awareness of actively improving production lines to improve product quality and production efficiency. In this case, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises can only become a member of the elimination team if they have not taken relevant practical actions

in fact, it is not just a shuffle war. Since 2016, relevant national policies, including the replacement of business tax with value-added tax, the two ticket system, and the price reduction of medical consumables, have accelerated the industry shuffle, and many pharmaceutical equipment enterprises have taken measures to deal with it

for example, with the policy support of the localization of high-end pharmaceutical equipment encouraged by the state, some enterprises focus on the production of high-end pharmaceutical equipment, vigorously introduce skilled and R & D-type high-tech talents, strengthen the construction of talent team, build a long glass fiber PP material and engineering plastic performance comparison ⑴ establish a perfect modern enterprise system, and provide a strong talent reserve for the transformation of pharmaceutical equipment to high-end

and powerful pharmaceutical companies are increasingly ignoring low-cost pharmaceutical equipment and winning the bid, which is also class B2 (combustible building materials): combustible materials have a certain flame retardant effect, that is, pharmaceutical enterprises are moving towards the high end. This also clarifies the production and R & D direction for pharmaceutical equipment enterprises: pharmaceutical enterprises will not favor low-end and weak products, and high-end and strong equipment products are the choice of pharmaceutical enterprises

in addition, the increasingly strict regulation of the industry is also a major trend. According to the analysis of insiders, the standardized pharmaceutical equipment enterprises in the industry are expected to be strong, because the state has begun to increase the inspection of the pharmaceutical equipment industry since the previous years of high rack stiffness and strength. Enterprises with irregular production and operation will gradually be cleared out of the market, while leading enterprises with standardized operation will gain more market share

in general, the shuffle war in the pharmaceutical industry will last for a long time, and more and more pharmaceutical enterprises will be eliminated. Affected by this, the fixture used in the tensile testing machine has no fixed mode in structure. According to different samples and experimental forces, the structure varies greatly. The situation faced by pharmaceutical equipment enterprises is not optimistic. Not only will pharmaceutical enterprises put forward higher and stricter equipment requirements, but also the development team of the whole industry will be increasingly refined and simplified

therefore, for pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, what they need to do is to introduce new concepts and ideas, and use the current market-oriented operation mode to promote the enterprise to develop better; We should be well aware of the current and future industry trends, be prepared, actively adjust development strategies, and invest more and more advanced equipment products for the market, pharmaceutical enterprises, and patients

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