Requirements for fire and explosion proof electric

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Requirements for fire-proof and explosion-proof electrical facilities of coking plant

2 the design, installation, construction, operation, maintenance and safety management of electrical equipment and lines in explosive hazardous areas shall comply with the provisions of the electrical safety code of the people's Republic of China for explosive hazardous areas (Trial Implementation) and relevant regulations and specifications

3 when substitute equipment is used because the specified fire and explosion-proof grade equipment cannot be obtained, effective fire and explosion-proof measures should be taken by the Canadian composite Innovation Center (CIC)

4 substations and distribution substations should not be located in class A and class B places with explosion hazards and built adjacent to them, but when 10kV and below transformation and distribution rooms for the above places are separated by firewalls, they can be built adjacent to each other on one side. The transformer and distribution rooms of 10kV and below that have been set in explosion hazardous places shall also be separated by firewalls

5 overhead power lines are strictly prohibited to cross explosion and fire hazard areas

6 cable trench wiring should not be used in places with explosion and fire hazards; If a cable trench is required, measures should be taken to prevent combustible gases, flammable liquids, acids, alkalis and other substances from leaking into the cable trench. The entrance of the cable trench into the transformer and distribution room should be filled and sealed

7 maintenance power supply should be set in explosion and fire hazard areas

the arbitration thickness of type I and II samples is 4mm. There are two backup rollers

8. Copper wires and cables should be used in the refined benzene workshop. All wires and cables shall be subject to insulation test at least once in five years, and must be renewed during overhaul

9 it is forbidden to install any electrical equipment and wires in the primary fractionation warehouse, and the wiring outside the warehouse should also be installed through pipes

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