Requirements and maintenance of the impeller of th

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Requirements and maintenance of self-priming centrifugal pump impeller

· the shape of the channel is streamlined in line with the law of liquid flow, the liquid flow velocity is evenly distributed, the resistance of the channel is as small as possible, and the surface roughness of the channel is small

· the material should have good wear resistance

· the impeller should have good static and dynamic balance

· simple structure and good manufacturing technology. Centrifugal pump impeller is generally cast

(2) the sealing ring or combined gasket of centrifugal pump blade should be replaced in time; Regularly replace the plastic of oil suction filter and filter element wheel, which will still maintain a strong position in the field of food and beverage packaging, and said that 1. As in the past, the development of private enterprises will be supported by policies. Structural parameters

a. the installation angle at the inlet and outlet of blade quasi impeller

B. the number of blades

maintenance of centrifugal pump impeller

the damage form of impeller is generally wear or damage, and the reasons are as follows

① uneven impeller ADDC is caused by friction due to high-level balance or improper installation

② because the pump shaft is bent, the pump shaft is not concentric with the power machine shaft, and the bearing or packing is worn too much, causing the impeller to shake and produce friction

③ worn into grooves or stripes by sediment and water flow

④ sundries are sucked into the impeller and damage the impeller

⑤ cavitation occurs, resulting in honeycomb cavities

for the impeller with too much wear, serious cavitation or damaged, it is generally necessary to replace the impeller and eliminate various reasons that cause wear or damage

when local damage (such as grooves, cavities, etc.) can still be used, it can be repaired by welding

the operation method is: place the weldment on carbon fire and heat it to about 600 ℃, hang tin at the welding repair place, and then dissolve the brass rod into the groove or cavity with gas welding flame. After welding, remove the carbon fire, cover it with asbestos board for insulation, and cool it slowly to prevent cracks. After cooling, flatten or file the surface. Sometimes, the impeller can also be repaired with epoxy resin mortar, especially where there is more sediment and the blades are seriously worn. If a layer of epoxy resin mortar is coated on the whole worn blade, a better effect can be achieved

the repaired centrifugal pump impeller shall undergo static balance test

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